18 pilot and demonstration DOE bioenergy projects, reviewed

BD TS 051815 peer reviewWhat’s the latest with such projects such as Frontline BioEnergy, Myriant, POET-DSM, INEOS Bio, Sapphire Energy, Abengoa, Haldor Topsoe, UOP. ZeaChem, Mercurius, and American Process, among others?

In Washington this June 25th, the Department of Energy will publish its annual 2015 Project Peer Review final report, at its annual Program Management Review, which immediately follows the BETO annual conference, themed Bioenergy 2015: Opportunities in a Changing Energy Landscape (which is June 23-24).

This year’s review features 190 projects across seven key technology areas, representing a combined value of approximately $403 million from Fiscal Years 2013-2014.

As BETO Director Jonathan Male notes, “The Project Peer Review is an invaluable opportunity for external experts to rigorously evaluate the relevance, context, technical approach, progress, results, and overall merit of all the projects supported by our Office. We also rely on the peer review process to provide an overall assessment of our management of each technology area and the overall strategic direction and future outlook for BETO.”

But why wait for the review? You can access a complete treasure trove of 185 presentations on the latest in bioenergy technology, right now, and assess for yourself the state of projects in the BETO portfolio.

In today’s Digest, we’ve focused on on the “DEMONSTRATION AND MARKET TRANSFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AREA “, some of the most complex, best-known, and most transfiormative bioenergy technology projects ever attempted.

BNL Bio-Oil Deployment in the Home Heating Market —BNL, Thomas Butcher


Waste to Wisdom: Utilizing Forest Residues for the Production of Bioenergy and Biobased Products — Humboldt State University, Han-Sup Han


Increasing Biofuel Deployment and Utilization Through Development of Renewable Super Premium — ANL, NREL, ORNL, Jeongwoo Han, Bob McCormick, Tim Theiss


Innovative Gasification to Produce Fischer-Tropsch Jet and Diesel Fuel — Frontline BioEnergy, LLC, Jerod Smeenk


Pilot Integrated Cellulosic Biorefinery Operations to Fuel Ethanol—ICM, Inc., Douglas Rivers


Pilot-Scale Mixotrophic Algae Integrated Biorefinery (IBT) — BioProcess Algae, Toby Ahrens


Integrated Pilot-Scale Biorefinery for Producing Ethanol from Hybrid Algae—Algenol, Ed Legere


Sapphire Integrated Algal Biorefinery (IABR) — Sapphire, Dean Venardos


Pilot Scale Biorefinery: Sustainable Transport Fuels from Biomass and Algal Residue via Integrated Pyrolysis and Catalytic Hydroconversion — UOP, Ray Wissinger


Green Gasoline from Wood Using Carbona Gasification and Topsoe TIGAS Processes—Haldor Topsoe, Rick Knight


INP BioEnergy Indian River County Facility — INEOS New Planet (INP) Bioenergy, Kelly Russell


High-Yield Hybrid Cellulosic Ethanol Process Using High-Impact Feedstock for Commercialization by 2013 — Zeachem, Tim Eggeman


LIBERTY—Launch of an Integrated Biorefinery with Eco-Sustainable and Renewable Technologies in Y2009 — POET-DSM, Larry Ward


BEI—Myriant Succinic Acid Biorefinery (MySAB) — Myriant, Mark Shmorhun


Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass to Ethanol and Ethyl Acrylate — Archer Daniels Midland, Tom Binder


Alpena Prototype Biorefinery—American Process, Theodora Retsina


Integrated Biorefinery for Conversion of Biomass to Ethanol, Synthesis Gas, and Heat — Abengoa, Joseph Bradford


Renewable Acid-Hydrolysis Condensation Hydrotreating (REACH) Pilot Plant — Mercurius, Karl Seck


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