50 Grassroots events planned in support of Renewable Fuel Standard

In Washington, more than fifty grassroots events are now scheduled take place at state and county fairs throughout the month of August, starting August 7th. Farmers and consumers will have the chance to inform and educate elected officials, and local and national media on the successes of the RFS in the past decade. Constituents from Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin are dropping off comments they submitted to the EPA on its proposed multiyear RVOs during the comment period at the district offices of their respective U.S. Senators “to show the economic impact of the RFS on their communities and the importance of the RFS to everyday Americans,” according to a farmer group.

The farmers and consumers highlighted the tripling of production of homegrown renewable fuel, which now makes up nearly 10% of our motor fuel supply; adding $184.5 billion in annual economic output and $46.2 billion in wages each year, and generating over 852,000 American jobs, an 88% rise in farm ijncoems since 2006 and a recuction of 40 million metric tons of greenhouses gases, or the equivalent of 8 million cars removed from the road per year.

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