Advanced, high-yield biomethane plant comes online in France

In France, the Longchamps biomethane plant opened in Franche-Comte region, in eastern France. The WELTEC biomethane plant is now supplying to the natural gas grid of the French gas distributor GrDF (Gaz r.seau Distribution France). Plant operator David Peterschmitt uses about 6,000 t of agricultural leftovers a year for the production of biogas from anaerobic digestion.

To ensure effective biogas processing, German plant manufacturer WELTEC BIOPOWER decided to deploy flexible, compact membrane technology. In the three-stage separation procedure, methane is separated from carbon dioxide (CO2), water vapor and other components with the help of special polymer membranes. The WELTEC membrane procedure delivers a methane yield of about 99 percent.

Weltec advises: “The upstream compression is another advantage of the procedure. In this way, the separated methane already has the needed pressure for feed-in to the natural gas grid without being compressed again. This saves costs by eliminating the need for an additional compressor and enables economic use of WELTEC biogas processing even for smaller plants.”

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