Alliance BioEnergy Plus to sub-license technology to Colombia

In Florida, Alliance BioEnergy Plus announced it has received an LOI from Smart Business International Trading, S.A.S (Smart Business) of Bogata, Columbia for the purchase of an initial sub-license to install and use ALLM’s patented CTS cellulose conversion technology. A single plant sub-license carries a $5,000,000.00 sub-license fee plus a yearly royalty based on the plant’s gross sales, up to a maximum of six (6%), to be paid to Carbolosic for the duration of the sub-license.  According to the LOI, Smart Business intends to build this initial CTS plant with the capability of processing 1,000 tons a day of agricultural waste into sugars and other products for domestic consumption within Columbia. The terms of this sub-license agreement are in the process of being finalized, at which time Smart Business will be required to pay a deposit towards the total sub-license fee. 

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