Amyris launches “The Embodied Project” in support of Biossance beauty products

In California, Amyris’ Biossance launched its The Embodied Project to support its first product Biossance The Revitalizer, a facial moisturizer that replenishes the skin by using one of the emollients already found naturally within the body. The Embodied Project is a 30-day complimentary consultation program to encourage women to live life to the fullest and nurture their health in mind, body and spirit while elevating the beauty of their skin.

To take part in The Embodied Project, women are invited to take a two-minute survey to answer questions about their lifestyle and daily habits. Following the survey, each participant will receive a sample of The Revitalizer and will begin the four-week personal challenge consisting of curated content tailored just for them from beauty, wellness, and health experts Candice Kumai, Vicky Vlachonis and Nitika Chopra. During this time, the experts will share daily tips, recipes, facts, and helpful content to guide the women as they work on becoming the best version of themselves.

The Revitalizer, which is the featured product in The Embodied Project, is a facial moisturizer made of 100% plant-derived squalane. Squalane is a natural moisturizer found within our skin that can diminish in some as early as their 20’s. The Revitalizer is a weightless moisturizer that instantly hydrates skin with a silky glow, is suitable for all skin types, and replenishes skin with what was once already there.

The Revitalizer is currently offered in a 50ML bottle and available exclusively at An expanded line of several other Biossance products will be available in 2016.

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