Anaerobic Digesters (poop/food2gas) R sustainable & FARMERS can B fuel-independent

The short story of the above pic was this farmer realized the impact others had on his final product so he gave away his prized seeds to his neighbors so that their cross pollination contamination wouldn’t become a problem for his crops….so too the below story lends itself to understanding that factory farming and small family farming can be more economical when we use our resources sustainably. Like a wood burning stove is carbon neutral to prevent dead trees from exhaling all its carbon benefit during its lifetime, so too can manure be put to good $$ use as fuel and as a natural fertilizer (digestate) rather than left to poop-pollute our waterways.

Check out this T6 tractor……runs on CH4 methane….not as polluting as diesel!

Gist reporter wrote

Screen shot 2015-09-30 at 11.49.21 AM

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