BioChannel.TV debuts free, global access to “LanzaTech at ABLC NEXT 2015”

In Florida, The Digest made made available for free, global streaming its LanzaTech coverage from ABLC NEXT 2015.

The LanzaTech presentation can be accessed here, and is enhanced with commentary from the BioChannel.TV commentary team, including Digest editor Jim Lane and former DOE Biomass Program manager Dr. Paul Bryan. The coverage also includes clips from Sir Richard Branson discussing the significance of the technology — as well as 20 in-depth slides on the state of the technology, partners, timeline to scale, and the 10-year plan for commercial deployment.


“If you’ve never heard or seen the LanzaTech story in depth, you’re in for a treat,” said Digest editor Jim Lane. “Or, if you’ve not seen the recent updates as the company heads for scale, including CEO Jennifer Holmgren’s most recent presentation at ABLC NEXT. Or, if you were at ABLC NEXT but wanted to re-experience the LanzaTech presentation and Dr. Holmgren’s tour of the technology and its near-term prospects in a low-carbon world. You’ll find an exciting and thoughtful presentation about the role of a low-carbon society and LanzaTech’s place in it — that puts you in the room at the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference.”

LanzaTech was voted the #1 Hottest Company in the Advanced Bioeconomy for 2014-15 by Digest readers and a panel of international selectors.

The coverage can be accessed here. 

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