EIA seeks comments on range of monthly data reports

In Washington, the Energy Information Agency, pursuant to the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, intends to extend for three years with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the Petroleum Supply Program (OMB No. 1905-0165). EIA is soliciting comments on the proposed revisions to the following forms: EIA-22M, “Monthly Biodiesel, Biojet, Biokerosene and Renewable Diesel Report,” (previously the EIA-22M, “Biodiesel Production Report”), EIA-800, “Weekly Refinery and Fractionator Report,” EIA-802, “Weekly Product Pipeline Report,” EIA-803, “Weekly Crude Oil Stocks Report,” EIA-804, “Weekly Imports Report,” EIA-805, “Weekly Bulk Terminal and Blender Report,” EIA-809, “Weekly Oxygenate Report,” EIA-810, “Monthly Refinery Report,” EIA-812, “Monthly Product Pipeline Report,” EIA-813, “Monthly Crude Oil Report,” EIA-814, “Monthly Imports Report,” EIA-815, “Monthly Bulk Terminal and Blender Report,” EIA-816, “Monthly Natural Gas Plant Liquids Report,” EIA-817, “Monthly Tanker, Barge and Rail Movement and Stocks in Transit Report” (previously the “Monthly Tanker and Barge Movement Report”), EIA-819, “Monthly Biofuel and Oxygenate Report,” (previously the “Monthly Oxygenate Report” and EIA-820, “Annual Refinery Report.”

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