EPA says 9.51 million cellulosic RINs produced in May

In Washington, the EPA says nearly 1.5 billion RINs were produced in May, of which 9.51 million were cellulosic RINs. For the first time since October, 173,731 D7 cellulosic diesel RINs were produced, all for renewable heating oil and all were imported. About 9.34 million D3 cellulosic biofuel RINs were produced in May, all domestic, bringing the D3 total for the year to 36.9 million. Also in May, about 4.7 million D5 advanced biofuel RINs and 1.22 billion D6 renewable fuel RINs were generated, in addition to 260.94 million D4 biomass-based diesel RINs.

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