EU biodiesel demand “slack” in September, says UFOP

In Germany, UFOP updated on the EU biodiesel market and outlook, writing: “September 2015 demand for biodiesel was slack. Spot material sold swiftly early in the month. There was little interest in the smaller quantities that remained. Wholesale prices were fairly weak. The difference in price between biodiesel and (comparatively weak) diesel increased again.” Prices at the pump: “Consumers also had to pay less at the pet-rol stations in September 2015. At on aver-age 112.3 euro cents per litre, pump prices for mineral diesel were down approximate-ly 0.5 euro cents per litre from the previous month. By contrast, prices for Super E10 dropped sharply by 6 euro cents per litre to 133 euro cents per litre.”

Fuel consumption: “At 190,000 tonnes, July 2015 consumption of biodiesel for blending was just below the previous month’s level. However, demand in 2014 was considerably higher. One would typically expect a seasonal rise in July. During the same period the previous year, consumption surged by just under 7 per cent. As July 2015 diesel consumption soared by almost 9 per cent from the previ-ous month, the blending quota dropped sharply to 5.5 per cent. This translates to the lowest level since October 2014. According to information published by the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and

Export Control (BAFA), cumulative biodiesel con-sumption in 2015 up to and including July amounted to around 1.33 million tonnes, down approximately 2 per cent from the previous year’s amount. Demand for bioethanol, including for use in ETBE and in E85, declined around 4 per cent from the previous year, to 669,000 tonnes up to July 2015.”

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