euglena to set up biojet demo plant by 2018 using Biofuels ISOCONVERSION Process

In Japan, euglena announced that it has teamed with the City of Yokohama, Chiyoda Corporation, Itochu Enex, Isuzu Motors and All Nippon Airways to produce and supply biojet/biodiesel fuels in Japan for practical use (i.e. commercial flight/public road driving) toward 2020.

In order to implement the plan, the company will build Japan’s first demonstration plant of biojet/biodiesel fuels production in Yokohama that is planned to be operational in 2018. In June 2015, the company signed a Technology License Agreement for the Biofuels ISOCONVERSION Process from Chevron Lummus Global LCC and Applied Research Associates, which enables it to build a demonstration plant for ASTM-compliant biojet fuel and next-generation biodiesel fuel production.

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