Former Senator launches Americans for Energy Security and Innovation to support RFS

In Washington, former Senator Jim Talent launched a new group aimed at building and expanding support for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Americans for Energy Security and Innovation (AESI) will focus its efforts on building support for a stronger RFS to reduce our dependence on foreign oil from unfriendly nations and stimulate domestic innovation and economic development in the biofuels sector.

“I was one of the prime movers behind passage of this critical legislation ten years ago, when President George W. Bush signed the Renewable Fuel Standard into law,” said former Senator Jim Talent. “I believe that biofuels are the most feasible replacement for oil as automobile fuel, and that we need a strong RFS so that private investors can develop the biofuels industry with adequate assurance that their potential market won’t be destroyed by manipulations from the foreign oil cartel.”

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