Hottest Companies in the Advanced Bioeconomy: Hot 40 as voting enters final week

In Florida, early voting totals for the 40 Hottest Small Companies representing roughly 25% of the overall vote expected, were released today.

The Digest noted some early voting trends.

1. These are “early precincts” reporting — not yet including the 50% of votes from the invited internatinoal selectors, and the final week of balloting for the Hot 40. But PhotoVotes to date have been included.


2. Partnerships matter. MBI (multiple partner-clients), Virent (Shell, Cargill, Honda, Coca-Cola), Verdezyne (Sime Darby), Renmatix (UPM, Waste Management), and Liquid Light (Coca-Cola) are companies with brand-name partners and doing well in early voting.

3. Chemicals are especially having success in the Hot 40, where Verdezyne, Liquid Light, Green Biologics, Elevance, Rivertop, Reverdia, and ZeaChem are in the top 15.

4. What about the drones, robotics, and new food companies? With the exception of Impossible Foods, none of these Silicon Valley faves are getting traction in early voting.

5. Service providers and suppliers rock. Typically, producers rule in the Hot 40. But what about MBI, Denote, POET Biomass and ZeaChem — all avowedly service providers and all in the top 15.

Early leaders in the Hot 40 are here.

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