Indian oil company retails Aemetis’ biodiesel

In California, Aemetis announced that biodiesel produced by its Aemetis subsidiary in India has begun to be sold at retail outlets owned by one of the three major India Government oil marketing companies (OMC’s). The India government OMC’s supply more than 95% of the gasoline, diesel and jet fuel in India.

Beginning in August 2015, Government of India controlled OMCs have issued tenders to purchase up to 225 million gallons per year of biodiesel as an important step toward implementing a 5% biodiesel blend policy. The total available biodiesel market in India from a 5% biodiesel blend is 1.25 billion gallons. The current biodiesel production capacity in India is approximately 250 million gallons.

Aemetis has expanded its sales activity in India since the Government of India recently allowed biodiesel manufacturers to sell to bulk customers directly, without distributing through the government-owned OMC’s. The India diesel market is currently estimated at 25 billion gallons per year.

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