Insight Energy says 85 Mtoe of aviation biofuels needed by 2050 to hit EU GHG targets

In Belgium, a new report from Insight Energy says that in the absence of action, emissions from EU-28 aviation will grow from 151 Mt of CO2 to 405 Mt in 2050. This represents a 167% increase on 2005 levels. Results indicate that for a ‘Hitting the Target’ scenario, where emissions are reduced to 50% below 2005 levels, an average annual growth rate in biofuels of approximately 13% is required from 2020. This translates into the production of 85 Mtoe of bio jet fuel in 2050 representing 77% of final energy demand in aviation in 2050. The additional costs for bio jet fuels are between 0.42 €/L and 1.20 €/L. These costs if spread across all domestic and intra-EU-28 flights in 2020 would add between €1.20 and €4.30 to the cost per passenger of a typical 1000 km flight. This is based on achieving the current EU ambition of 2 Mt of bio jet fuel production in 2020.

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