Leaf Technologies, Dutch DNA Biotech partner to transform production of itaconic acid 

In France, Leaf Technologies and Dutch DNA, a spin-out of TNO, are glad to announce they have entered into a R&D collaboration for the development of a new fungal host for the production of itaconic acid. The ambition of the partnership is to reduce the production cost of itaconic acid and enable its broader use as a renewable building block chemical.

The objective of the R&D collaboration partnership between Leaf Technologies and Dutch DNA is to create an engineered fungal host with superior performance, which could utilize both simple and cellulosic sugars. With this higher performing host, the two partners’ ambition to significantly reduce the production cost of itaconic acid enabling new applications for its use by the industry as a renewable building-block chemical.

“We are very happy to enter into this collaboration with Dutch DNA, recognized as experts in engineering fungal hosts. They had already demonstrated their technology at lab scale, and we are eager to turn their science into industrial reality. We strongly believe organic acids, such as lactic and succinic acids, will play a key role in growing the biobased chemicals market, and we aim to make itaconic acid the next major commercial renewable chemical.” says Adam Javan, Business Development Director at Leaf Technologies

“We are excited to start our collaboration with Leaf Technologies, Lesaffre. Lesaffre with more than a century of expertise in industrial strain development and large scale fermentation, brings the critical competencies and capabilities required for commercialization of our technology. We are very motivated to see the full potential of itaconic acid, and look forward to expanding our collaboration with Lesaffre to other organic acids” says Art de Boo, CEO at Dutch DNA.

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