Methes Energies receives initial payment for biodiesel system in Ontario

In Canada, Methes Energies International Ltd. announced that it has received C$250,000 as initial payment for the sale of a Denami 600 biodiesel processor and a PP-MEC pretreatment system to be installed in Havelock, Ontario, Canada. Additional scheduled payments are due in the near future upon shipment and installation of the equipment, and the balance is due when the Denami 600 is recommissioned and the pretreatment system is installed at the buyer’s facility.

In order to fast track the installation, the buyer has agreed to purchase the Denami 600 currently located at Methes’ Mississauga facility. The company expects to take approximately three weeks to dismantle the equipment at the Mississauga facility at which time the equipment will be loaded on trucks and shipped to the buyer.

The buyer, Drain Bros., will become the first facility in the world to use Methes’ pretreatment system using the PP-MEC catalyst to process corn oil from a local ethanol plant.

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