New Biofuels Projects Around the World

Who’s building what, where, now. 28 projects in construction or in commissioning in Africa, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and the Americas 

Despite low oil prices, first-gen biofuels and advanced biofuels continue to develop, and especially in the developing world.  In this report, we track 28 projects in construction or commissioning, or where firm investment plans are in place and construction is scheduled to start. In all, 16 countries are represented, and 68% of the projects are being developed outside the G8.

We’ve not included M&A transactions that do not include at least a project coming out of mothballs, or feedstock and infrastructure investments, which are also continuing at an impressive pace.

In this overview, we’re tracking 15 different technology/feedstock combinations, including: cane ethanol, wheat ethanol, corn ethanol, cassava ethanol, cellulosic ethanol, rice husk ethanol, palm biodiesel, biobutanol, waste oil biodiesel, halophyte biodiesel, high FFA biodiesel, ionic surfactants, cellulosic sugars from wood, methanol, and microbial oils.

To see each project in the deck, click on the page links below.


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