No vote on E15 bill this week, ethanol industry disappointed

In Washington, DC, the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee won’t be voting this week on the Consumer & Fuel Retailer Choice Act after all, leading many in the ethanol industry, like Growth Energy and Biotechnology Innovation Organization, to be disappointed. The Act would allow higher 15% ethanol concentrations in gasoline year-round, instead of the 10% ethanol blend used during summer months due to concerns about air pollution and air quality during hot summers.

Corn-state Senators Fischer (R-Nebraska) and Thune (R-North Dakota) have been pushing for the E15 year-round bill to be passed, but Senator Barrasso (R-Wyoming) who serves as Committee Chairman said it doesn’t have the support necessary to pass right now. Time is running out as the Senate is just a few weeks away from the August recess.

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