Novozymes slams EU’s State of the Energy Union for shortsightedness

In Belgium, the European Commission released its 1st State of the Energy Union, presented by Vice-President Šefčovič. Thomas Nagy, Executive Vice-President of Novozymes, does not agree the policy went far enough in addressing how the European Union consumes fossil fuels.

“The State of the Energy Union presented today by Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič falls short in addressing a critical block of Europe’s energy mix: oil.

The EU is overwhelmingly and increasingly reliant on foreign oil: for each 100 liters consumed in the EU, 85 liters are imported. The majority of which is burnt for transport. As stated by IEA Executive Directive Fatih Birol last week: low oil prices should give no cause for complacency on energy security.

Advanced biofuels from waste and residues can help address this challenge. The technology is ready; using it would help reduce our dependence on imported oil, decarbonize transport, and support jobs in rural areas. But to use it, we need a clear and unambiguous EU policy which is currently lacking.

The Energy Union should prioritize sustainable alternatives to oil such as advanced biofuels if the EU it is serious about its objectives to decarbonize transport and transition towards a Bio-economy.”

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