RFA Tells motorcycle group: “Get off the anti-E15 highway”

In Washington, the Renewable Fuels Association said that the American Motorcyclist Association is engaging in misinformation in calling on motorcycle riders to support legislation that would amend the Renewable Fuel Standard by prohibiting gas stations from selling fuel that contains more than 10 percent ethanol, and requiring those that are already selling higher ethanol blends to cease.

“Once again, the AMA is engaging in scare tactics and spreading misinformation about E15. It’s nothing we haven’t heard before,” said Robert White, RFA Vice President of Industry Relations. “AMA’s claims that E15 will suddenly become available at every fuel station in the country and replace E10, so that there will no longer be any legal fuel for motorcycles to use, are patently false. E15 has been on the market for three years and no motorcycle has misfueled using the higher ethanol blend or has been denied a warranty claim. Plus, the AMA ignores the fact that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that the fuel dispenser label clearly identify what vehicles can and cannot use E15. Does the AMA believe that motorcyclists can’t read?”

“AMA claims that the only way to accomplish injecting higher biofuel volumes in the marketplace is with E15. But, no marketer will ever have to move exclusively to higher ethanol blends, and E10 will always be an option for non-approved engines. In fact, EPA requires it.”

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