The Digest’s 2015 8-Slide Guide to Nova’s scenarios for biomass supply through 2050

How much biomass can be sustainably produced globally by 2050? How much of the demand for food, feed, materials, bioenergy and biofuels can be met by this supply?

Dr. Stephan Piotrowski, Michael Carus and Roland Essel of Germany’s nova-Institut authored this detailed view of possible scenarios for a sustainable supply of biomass until the year 2050, and of the development of demand in all biomass sectors: food, feed, chemicals and materials, bioenergy and biofuels. Due to this approach, one can clearly see under which assumptions global supply shortages or a sufficient coverage of demand may occur.

You can visit the nova-Institut paper that accompanies these slides, here.

To see all the slides in this deck, follow the page links below.


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