The Digest’s documentary series on industrial transformation, The New Places, debuts with a focus on DuPont Cellulosic Ethanol

TNP-launch-111215-3In Florida, the Dupont Cellulosic Ethanol project in Nevada, Iowa is the debut subject of The Digest’s online short-subject documentary series, The New Places, which is available for streaming as of today, here.

“So here we are on a blustery day in late October with the corn off the field, and as you can see the stover is gone too. Let’s find out where it went, what they do with it, what the strategy is, and how they make sustainability sustainable,” noted Jim Lane in the narration.

DuPont executives William Feehery and Jan Koninckx, prospective customer Eduardo Garciarse, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and Iowa Senator Charles Grassley are featured in the 7-minute short documentary, which takes a concise but comprehensive look at the project, the people and the passion behind the construction of the world’s largest cellulosic ethanol plant.

The episode was filmed on location in Nevada, Iowa.

DuPont executive William Feehery and Jan Koninckx take a moment with BioChannel.TV

DuPont executives William Feehery and Jan Koninckx take a moment with BioChannel.TV

The debut episode of the series, which is narrated by Digest editor Jim Lane, is available here.

About BioChannel.TV

The DuPont Cellulosic Ethanol plant

The DuPont Cellulosic Ethanol plant

BioChannel.TV has debuted four series to date: BioChannel Live, which streams innovative thinkers and leaders directly from the ABLC conference series; The New Voices, a 30-minute studio-based talk show on Washington, DC-related policy issues; The New Faces, a one-to-one interview program featuring industry leaders; and the documentary series The New Places which focuses on transformative industrial innovations and debuts this week.

Beginning in December, BioChannel.TV will begin airing and promoting a regular schedule of streamed programming; individual episodes of the programs are also available for on-demand streaming, at, YouTube and other outlets.

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