Urban Air Initiative teams up with Clean Fuels Omaha to combat pollution

In Nebraska, Clean Fuels Omaha has been joined by the Urban Air Initiative as the coalition gears up to launch support measures outlined by the Metropolitan Area Planning Agency (MAPA) for aggressive regional pollution control measures. Other partners include the Nebraska Ethanol Board, the Nebraska Corn Board, the Nebraska Ethanol Industry Coalition, the Nebraska Soybean Growers, and the Clean Fuels Development Coalition.

“MAPA has recognized that transportation fuels are a major source of our pollution problems,” said Dave VanderGriend, President of the Urban Air Initiative (UAI) and a partner in the Clean Fuels Omaha Campaign. “The Small Steps program is just that– small steps that can have a big impact. Choosing alternative fuels like ethanol and biodiesel is something each of us can do to help clean the air and protect public health…By increasing the use of biodiesel in buses and industrial applications, and filling up with E10, E15, and for flex fuel vehicles, even higher blends like E30, we can make a difference, said VanderGriend”.  He also detailed some of the sanctions that come with an ozone non attainment classification, such as a limit on business development and potential driving restrictions. 

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