WSU researcher gets $494,000 grant to develop cellulosic-based aromatic hydrocarbons

In Washington state, Hanwu Lei, Washington State University Tri-Cities associate professor in biological systems engineering, was awarded a $494,000 grant this fall to research catalysts, which will be used to increase the energy output and performance of biofuels.

Lei said he will use the biomass-derived catalysts to produce aromatic hydrocarbons, which are high-energy organic compounds that are largely responsible for the octane number, or performance rating, of a fuel. Lei said he hopes to succeed in identifying catalysts that will enable him to convert biomass into bio-oil, which can then be upgraded into aromatics using an integrated catalytic microwave pyrolysis process and packed-bed upgrading catalysis process. Lei said the project will have a transformational impact on the rural community in the United States by leveraging a feedstock that is currently considered an agricultural waste.

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