Gen9 launches super-powerful synthetic DNA library platform 

In California, Gen9 announced the launch of a powerful DNA library platform that allows users to rapidly design variants and order synthetic DNA libraries. The new platform will be unveiled at SynBioBeta San Francisco, taking place November 4-6 at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, CA.

The platform, available within Gen9’s online design and ordering portal, is powered by Benchling, a leading developer of cloud-based tools for life science. The tool enables the design of hundreds to thousands of individual DNA variants. In just minutes, scientists can easily engineer DNA variations with precisely the sequence content desired. The ability to rapidly design arrayed libraries will accelerate discoveries across many applications, such as the identification of improved antibody therapeutics or the development of novel and more effective enzymes for detergents, food processing, or biofuels.

The new arrayed library tool further enhances the capabilities of Gen9’s web-based portal. The portal enables the optimization of large numbers of synthetic DNA constructs in real-time. Scientists can store, access, and edit sequence information using the Benchling DNA editor, a best-in-class tool that is already being used extensively in the life science industry.

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