How to Save $400.00 a Year

How to Save $400.00 (or more) a Year On Gas Mileage


  • Keep a gas log, you will quickly notice a loss in gas mileage and will be able to fix the problem quickly.

  • Keep your speed as steady as possible.  Slowing down and speeding up unnecessarily wastes fuel.

  • Have tune-ups as often as your owner’s manual recommends. A well-tuned vehicle uses 10% less gasoline than one that is poorly tuned.

  • Reduce your “hauling load” Don’t carry any heavy loads in your car. Reduce what you need to carry and you can increase your fuel efficiency by over 1%.

  • Keep your tires properly inflated! This not only extends the life of your tires, but you will use less gas!!

  • If your car is in idle mode for over a minute you are waisting gas. You can save more gas by turning off your engine and restarting your car.

  • Choosing the right tire can save you approximately 15% a year on gas. Choose radial or steel belted tires.

  • Avoid excessive idling.  Depending on the length of time, you can save fuel by shutting of your engine while waiting for friends of family.
  • Keep windows closed at highway speeds.  Open windows INCREASE wind drag and can use more fuel than running the air conditioner.
  • Clogged filters waste gas, so keep your fuel and air filters clean!

  • Using car maintenance schedules wisely.  (Follow the recommendations of a professional.)

    • Weekly – Check all fluid levels. Check tire pressure on all tires including your spare.

    • Monthly – Inspect tire treads ( if tread is 1/16th or less, replace tire) and alignment. Check battery terminals for corrosion. Examine your exhaust system, including the tail pipe for holes or rust. Look at your hoses and be sure there are no holes or signs of wear. Inspect belts and replace any that are frayed, loose, or very shiny. Make sure belts are tightened to the proper tension.

    • Every six months – Have tires rotated.

    • Once a year – Replace air filter. Get a tune-up. Get your tires alignment and balance checked ( a lot of places will do this for free). Have steering check and adjusted if necessary. Take your brakes in for a complete examination. Get your alternator, voltage regulator, and battery tested to be sure they are working properly. Get your radiator fluid checked.

These ideas and suggestions WILL SAVE YOU MONEY ON GAS!!!